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"A World Wide Leader of inspection services."

_ _ World International Testing provides nondestructive testing and inspection services to all industries, both public and private.

Our services include structural, corrosion and coating evaluations on storage tanks, bridges, cranes, and lifting devices. In addition, we provide on-site inspections as well as quality control programs to meet any budget.

Our comprehensive technical reports provide specific details and quantitative maintenance information for the development of rehabilitation and design specifications. We have networked new technologies from various civil environments and set new standards for inspection services world-wide.

W.I.T.'s educated, experienced and certified staff offers highly technical services at comparably lower costs. We strive to present professional discipline and ambitious attitudes nationwide to help solve the most difficult challenges. W.I.T., INC. has been certified through the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), and is fully insured. Our work force includes inspection and survey teams consisting of Engineers, Certified Inspectors, Photographers, Scuba Divers, Climbers and Specialty Technicians.


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